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Bucket hats for round faces

Bucket hats for round faces

Guess who’s back? Back again? Bucket hats. Tell a friend.

Back from the 90s, bucket hats made a comeback and we’re here for it. This trendy topper recently made waves on the runway and rapidly trickled down on the streets and looks like it’s here to stay.

From famous Hollywood personalities to musicians to influencers, bucket hats are making their  way as a must-have statement piece. Not all bucket hats are created equal but their universally boxy crown and slightly wide brim balance out most face shapes especially round faces.

Let us show you how you can look your best with bucket hats. Read on to learn more:

Table of contents

  1. Bucket hat styles for round face
  2. Accessories with Your Bucket Hat
  3. Eyewear Picks
  4. Picking the right neckline

From fuzzy to leather to slime green variations, bucket hats are all the rage. Whether oozing with Y2K style or rocking the E-girl look, picking the right bucket hat to fit your personal style let alone your face shape, is a challenge we’re willing to take on. 

Bucket hat styles for your round face

Bucket hat styles for your round face

If you have a rounded chin and are gifted with full cheeks, choose a more structured and angular bucket hat rather than the fuzzy and furry ones. In choosing a color, if you’re just starting your bucket hat journey, opt for more neutral-colored bucket hats and work your way towards more statement pieces. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not customize your basic bucket hats with pins, eyelets, and chains?

Check out the buckit collection for neutral-colored bucket hats

Accessories with your bucket hat

Accessories with your bucket hat - necklace

Feeling a little bit extra today? Jewelry can make or break your look. 

For earrings, veer away from round hoops or circular options. Instead, go for longer earrings or if you’re feeling bold, rock your rectangular piece that you’ve been dying to wear. Of course, you can also go minimalist on your accessories with studs or barely-there necklaces. 

Eyewear picks

Eyewear picks - sunglasses

Even though bucket hats were mainly created as a hat to protect your face and eyes from the sunlight, sometimes, you just have to wear some specs to complete the look. You just have to.

To balance out the brim and your stunning round face, whip out your sunglasses with more angular edges and go enjoy under the sun (or you know, just share a couple of selfies on Instagram)

Picking the right neckline

Picking the right neckline

If you’re rocking angular pieces up top, tone it down with soft round necklines like a boat neckline. On the other hand, if you want the bucket hat to stand out, go for tops or jackets with a square neckline or v-neckline to elongate your proportions. 


Whether you’re out and about making things happen or you haven’t DIY’d your root touch-ups, bucket hats can be your go-to accessory that you can grab and go and put in your bag without worrying about losing its form.

This 2022, your style is your way to express yourself. As long as you’re living your best life, by all means, go Maria Kondo on your bucket hat journey and do whatever sparks you joy.

You can also check out our bucket hats at buckit.

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