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Bestfriends aesthetic: Tattoos, tarots, and more unique ideas to do with your bestie

Tattoos, tarots, and more unique ideas to do with your bestie

Friendship bracelets, check!

BFF handshake, check!

Codenames, check!

Are you looking for more unique ways to authenticate your BFF status with your ultimate bestie? Seal the deal with these fun ideas to let the world know who your ride-or-die for life is.

Phone cases

Let’s face it, your phone is probably filled with your selfies and adventures with your bestie. You two might as well get matching phone cases! To top it off, get some matching nail art and show it off on Instagram.


If you’re ready to one-up the whole world of BFF-dom, tattoos are a definite go. Tattoos that are vague when alone but make a whole lot of sense when together make a good BFF tattoo. Perhaps two halves of an avocado? Or place it in areas where only you know like your inner lip or your big toe. 

Tarot card reading

BFF Forever? Perhaps a fun tarot card reading session with your bestie can give you a glimpse of what adventures are in store for you. 


Ya’ll don’t have to have matching shirts and outfits. Having complementary accessories though, that’s a good way to show the world how similar and different you are as BFFs. 

If you’re the “yin," check out buckit’s Reset hat. If you’re the “yang," go for the buckit’s Clean Slate hat. If you are the slightly off-the-charts crazy in the group, buckit’s Vibrant hat may be the right topper for you. 


As a generation ruled over by social media, hashtags are inevitable. Make your BFF status IG-official by creating your hashtag. 

Stupid photo

If you don’t have a single stupid photo together with your BFF in your camera roll, are you even besties? Convince the judge and the jury with more than just wacky faces. Up the ante with a horse mask or just tie your hoodie string together and pull. Why? Because why not?


Make your BFF status legit not just to yourselves but also to the rest of the world. Make your homegirl or homeboy feel extra special with these bestie ideas. 

Make sure you share them on Tiktok and IG. Tag us cause we'd love to hear from you!

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