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Top 10 greatest 90s fashion trends are making a comeback

Top 10 greatest 90s fashion trends that are making a comeback

Back when Nickelodeon ruled the televisions and schedules revolved around Tamagotchi’s feeding time, there were a lot of iconic trends that dominated the streets. While some trends are better left in the past, here are some of the trends that successfully (and deservingly) crawled out of the grave - and we definitely stan! 

1. Wide-leg pants

With its relaxed fit and generally straight cut, we’re so happy this beauty made a comeback. It’s virtually flattering to everyone - and we’re all for it. Please don’t ever leave us again, okay?

wide leg pants

2. Crop top

These belly-baring tops have made their way back to our closets - and it doesn’t seem like it’s going away soon. With 70s patterns and 90s prints popping in and out of the stores, crop tops are becoming staples for our midriff-revealing crowd. 

Crop top

3. Bucket hats

One of the iconic headwear donned by the hip-hop industry during the 90s, the bucket hat trend is paving its way to becoming a classic must-have. We’re seriously thinking this might be something you would want to pass down from generation to generation. Make sure you get the good quality ones like our BuckIt hats!

Bucket hats

4. Colorful windbreakers

Are neon windbreakers coming back? YASSS! When we’re not in the mood to get super dressed up, throw on a statement windbreaker over our shirts, jeans, and a pair of sneakers, and we’re good to go! 

Colorful windbreakers

5. Bike shorts

Let’s all welcome with open arms - bike shorts! While some are a bit apprehensive, anything activewear and reduces chafing, why not?  

bike shorts

6. Combat boots

As we roll out and deal with our daily battles, we need the right footwear, right? Bring out those boots that keep you ready for anything life throws at you! Edgi-fy any look with your fave Doc Martens and Timbs. 

Combat boots

7. Slip dresses

Although originally this was meant as an undergarment, it’s just too pretty to not show off. Slip dresses can elevate your look whether you’re pairing it with heels, sneakers, or boots. Throw in your fave jacket to keep you cozy.  

slip dresses

8. Choker necklaces

When you say 90s trends, you can’t NOT include the tattoo chokers. Aside from this trend that took over the world by storm, we also have a lot of choices now. From puka shells to leather and if you’re feeling a little extra, layer them all!

choker necklace

9. Ripped jeans

Being part of grunge fashion in the 90s, ripped jeans made their way back to our hearts and OOTDs. Low-rise or high-waisted? Yes and yes! Rock this look, and you’ll have some serious drip. 

ripped jeans

10. Oversize sweaters and flannel

Gone are the days when you feel obliged to show every curve and angle of the body. We’re so glad we can now have an extra bite of bread and still feel stylish with oversized sweaters and flannels. 

Oversize sweaters and flannel


Maybe it’s the YOLO mindset from the Y2K scare that made the 90s an iconic fashion era or we just need a second take because obviously. In case these pieces pull a “...Baby one more time” moment in the next decade, start investing in great quality pieces. 

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